How To Make Your Social Posting Look Amazing In 6 Days

Struggling to engage your audience on social media? The problem could be that your posts just aren’t cutting it. There are millions of posts made on social media daily. If you don’t ensure that yours stand out, they are going to get lost in a sea of posts (change this). So, how do you make […]

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5 Ways to Automate Social Posting to Grow Your Business

If you want to grow your business, building up a strong presence on social media can help. Putting you in front of millions of potential customers, social media gives you a unique opportunity to reach local and national audiences. The trouble is, if you want to see results from your social media platforms, you’re going […]

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Canva Template Basics: Using Elements and Text Elements

When you’re using Canva Templates you’ll need to know and understand are the elements.  So what are elements? Elements are each piece that you use when working in Canva such as lines, shapes, frames, charts, grids, backgrounds, fonts, images, and gradients.  They are the nuts and bolts of working with Canva. How To Use Elements […]

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How To Create a Branding Kit In Canva

One feature that I absolutely love in Canva is the branding kit.  Why do I love it?  Because it saves me time. I add my branding – my colors, my logo, and the fonts that I use.  This saves me time because every template that I create is going to automatically start with my branding […]

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How To Use Canva Templates & Bring Them Into Your Account

At Your Essential Toolbox, we offer Canva Templates for your business, so today I want to show you how to take the templates we’ve created and get them into your Canva account. You’ll be given a Canva Template link when you purchase a product from us through our dashboard.  You’ll want to click that link […]

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Understanding Your Terms Of Use

Understanding terms when it comes to PLR and Canva Templates can be confusing.  I’ve received several people contacting me asking for clarification of what the two different terms I offer are and what they can do with them. PLR License Terms  A PLR license is for you to use the Canva Templates in your business […]

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5 Things To Do BEFORE You Dig Into Your PLR

Do you have tons of PLR on your computer?  I do.  I love PLR and own a lot of it.  I like to purchase topics that I could use now and in the future when it is on sale.  I do this because I then have a ton of content at my fingertips (hard drive) […]

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Ways To Use Graphics In Your Low Content Products

Ways To Use Graphics In Your Low Content Products Need some low content product ideas? At Your Essential Toolbox, we provide Canva templates for you to create low content products for your audience, but we also offer graphics with terms that allow you to create products with unlimited use rights on print on demand, plus […]

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3 Powerful Ways To Create Content

Decision Time – Create Content Yourself, Outsource, USE PLR Or a Combo… BUT Be the CEO. 🙂 Once you know who you’re talking to and you’ve blocked time off on your schedule to create content and products – you’re going to have to decide how you want to spend your time.   Think about these options: […]

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