Digital Product Creation


Why You Need Content Upgrades To Grow Your Business

As a blogger, small business or coach you might have heard the term content upgrade and wondered what it is and how it can help your online business. Offering content upgrades is actually very simple. It’s just a matter of developing more in-depth content for your most popular published content such as a video, a […]

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99 Printables You Can Sell & Make Money On

Creating printables to sell right now is huge. That is because they’re easy to create and you have a low entry point with a shopping cart and marketplace already available to use – Etsy. I’ve brainstormed 99 different types of printables you can create and sell. Get a piece of paper and jot down any […]

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Understanding Your Terms Of Use

Understanding terms when it comes to PLR and Canva Templates can be confusing.  I’ve received several people contacting me asking for clarification of what the two different terms I offer are and what they can do with them. PLR License Terms  A PLR license is for you to use the Canva Templates in your business […]

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Pre-Planned Content Strategy

Ways To Use Graphics In Your Low Content Products

Ways To Use Graphics In Your Low Content Products Need some low content product ideas? At Your Essential Toolbox, we provide Canva templates for you to create low content products for your audience, but we also offer graphics with terms that allow you to create products with unlimited use rights on print on demand, plus […]

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