99 Printables You Can Sell & Make Money On


Creating printables to sell right now is huge. That is because they’re easy to create and you have a low entry point with a shopping cart and marketplace already available to use – Etsy.

I’ve brainstormed 99 different types of printables you can create and sell. Get a piece of paper and jot down any that might interest you. Then after you’re done, go research on Etsy and Pinterest to see what people want.

This list is to help your creativity start to flow, so if you think of any that aren’t here and you’re interested in designing an selling them – make sure to add them to your brainstorming list.

Also, at Your Essential Toolbox, we provide done-for-you products, templates, and printables to help you create products faster. It is easier to have a starting point and rearrange, delete, and change colors – than to start from scratch. These have commercial use rights, which means you can sell them as your own.

Okay, let’s begin…

Here are 99 ideas for printables you can make to earn money:

  1. Wall art
  2. Planner pages
  3. Journal prompts
  4. To-do lists (all my Canva Template Toolkits have Time Management designs that include daily schedules and to-do sheets)
  5. Calendars (all my Canva Template Toolkits have Time Management designs that include calendars)
  6. Invitations
  7. Greeting cards
  8. Gift tags
  9. Stickers
  10. Worksheets
  11. Coloring pages
  12. Printable quotes
  13. Printable posters
  14. Gift certificates
  15. Recipe cards
  16. Checklists
  17. Budgeting templates
  18. Goal setting worksheets
  19. Habit trackers
  20. Gratitude journals
  21. Menu planning templates
  22. Meal prep planning templates
  23. Grocery shopping lists
  24. Shopping lists
  25. Packing lists
  26. Cleaning schedules
  27. Chore charts
  28. Exercise tracking sheets
  29. Skincare routines
  30. Medication schedules
  31. Blood sugar tracking sheets
  32. Blood pressure tracking sheets
  33. Budgeting worksheets
  34. Savings trackers
  35. Debt repayment plans
  36. Net worth calculators
  37. Career planning worksheets
  38. Resume templates
  39. Cover letter templates
  40. Job application tracking sheets
  41. Entrepreneur business plans
  42. Marketing plans
  43. Sales plans
  44. Social media content calendars
  45. Content calendars
  46. Branding worksheets
  47. Naming worksheets
  48. Logo design templates
  49. Website design templates
  50. Business card templates
  51. Flyer templates
  52. Brochure templates
  53. Packaging design templates
  54. Product catalog templates
  55. Product launch templates
  56. Product photography templates
  57. Social media graphics templates
  58. Printable photo props
  59. Backdrop templates
  60. Printable signs
  61. Printable labels
  62. Printable tags
  63. Printable posters
  64. Printable quotes
  65. Printable art prints
  66. Printable banners
  67. Printable bunting flags
  68. Printable garlands
  69. Printable cake toppers
  70. Printable party decorations
  71. Printable photo booth props
  72. Printable photo frames
  73. Printable scrapbooking supplies
  74. Printable scrapbooking templates
  75. Printable journaling cards
  76. Printable journaling prompts
  77. Printable memory keepsakes
  78. Printable memory books
  79. Printable memory journals
  80. Printable travel journals
  81. Printable travel itineraries
  82. Printable travel packing lists
  83. Printable travel journal prompts
  84. Printable travel memory books
  85. Printable travel memory journals
  86. Printable travel maps
  87. Printable travel guides
  88. Printable travel planning worksheets
  89. Printable travel budget worksheets
  90. Printable language learning worksheets
  91. Printable language flashcards
  92. Printable educational worksheets
  93. Printable educational activities
  94. Printable educational games
  95. Printable educational posters
  96. Printable educational flashcards
  97. Printable educational templates
  98. Printable educational resources
  99. Printable educational materials

Wow, that was quite a list!

Did you write any down? You want to find printables that you enjoy creating. Some people might get super excited over wedding materials, but feel no spark for educational printables – both can be profitable. You just have to figure out your interests.

After you make your list of interests, you’ll want to go through it and make sure that you really want to do it. Start weeding out what you really don’t want to do and what you do.

You can find quite a few of these printables as templates in my Canva Template Toolkits. Customize them the way you’d like, download them as a PDF, and use them as your own. You can sell them or use a freebie to get more people on your list.

All of the Canva Template Toolkits come with over 100 designs. You’ll get a mixture of worksheets, cheat sheets, challenge pages, recipe cards, lead magnets, social media templates, and more.


P.S. You can download this entire list by hitting the button below that says, “BONUS – Download as PDF to Read >>CLICK HERE<<“.

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