PLR Package That Has a Years’ Worth of Content & How To Use It Effectively


Using tools and resources in your business like this PLR Package will help you save time and money.  In this blog post, I’m going to show you what is included, how I’d structure them in my business, and then how to schedule & use the PLR blog posts.

==>Grab the Year’s Worth of “Staying Organized and Productive” Content <==

What I love about this pack is that every single month you’re going to get the exact same components.  This makes it easy for you to create checklists to set up and offer it to your audience.  Then you can create systems and hire someone to quickly and easily walk through the tasks on the checklist.


Take a look at what you’ll get every single month in this PLR Package:
  • 1 Staying Organized Reports – Each month comes with a report on a different topic to get you started and keep you organized and productive. 1 report for each month.
  • 1 Professionally-Designed Ecover Sets – (PNG, PDF and PSD) with flat cover and 4 x 3D versions to go with each report.
  • 5 Articles – for your social media, blog and more. 5 articles per month.
  • 1 Printable Newsletters – (docx / PDF) fully editable newsletter in .docx format includes 2 of the articles and some graphics in this EKit and includes plenty of space for your personal thoughts. 1 high-quality printable newsletter for each month.
  • 5 – 18″ x 24″ Posters/Product Templates – (PNG, PDF and PSD) for wall art, mugs, t-shirts, social media, book covers, inserts…and more. 5 templates per month.
  • 5 Coloring Pages – (JPG, PDF and PSD) Use these sheets to generate traffic or create downloadable or print coloring books for sale. (2550 x 3300 px). 5 coloring pages per month.
  • 1 Journal with Ecovers (PPT, PDF) – comes with an Ecover Set. There are four 3d versions. 1 journal book per month.
  • 1 x 21 Card Printable Card Decks (PNG, PDF and PSD) –  Card Deck with fully editable cards. They come formatted for commercial or at-home printing. Instructions included. 1 card deck per month.
  • 1 Worksheets – (docx / PDF) to help your readers stay on track. 1 worksheet per month to go with the report.
  • 1 Checklists – (docx / PDF) to help your readers create a plan for organization and productivity. 1 checklist per month to go with the report.

What To Do With The Years’ Worth Of PLR

You can use this on your own personal blog or start a niche blog.  I’m not sure what the terms are for this PLR, so if you have plans to sell it – please check with Alice and her team to make sure that is allowed.  She might allow you to in her terms or if you purchase the products specifically for this purpose and the PLR goes with the site.  This would mean if you want to do another niche site you’d have to purchase another license for this product.

How To Structure the PLR Package To Make It Effective & Profitable In Your Business


Now I’m going to walk through how you could use these.

I would personally start with the products you plan to create for each month.  Especially at the beginning.  This allows you to link to these products in the freebies and blog posts.

You want to always link to your products.  You’re not working online for a hobby.  You want to make money whether that is to create a six-figure (or more) income or bring in enough money to pay your car payment.

So, treat this like that from the beginning.  Start with the product, then the freebie to link to in your other content.  😊

If you do this you also won’t be able to make excuses not to create the products you’ll need in order to start or continue to make money.

I know both of these feelings well and I’ve been guilty of them – especially in the beginning.

Below I will tell you what I’d include as a product, as well as a freebie.  Even though I’m giving you ideas of how to use this, the amazing thing about PLR is that if you have a different idea of how you’d like these components to work – you can do that.

Products To Make A  Profit
  • 5 – 18″ x 24″ Posters/Product
  • Journal
  • Card Decks
  • 5 Coloring Pages
  • Short Report
  • Worksheet
  • Checklist
  • 1 Printable Newsletters – (docx / PDF) fully editable newsletter in .docx format includes 2 of the articles and some graphics in this EKit and includes plenty of space for your personal thoughts. 1 high-quality printable newsletter for each month.
Another option would be….

The coloring pages would be used as the freebie for the month and then the short report, worksheet, and checklist could be a monthly membership or product for people to download and use.  This way they wouldn’t get overwhelmed staying organized and could do it in short bursts instead of all at once.

Steps To Make Your Blog Post

Next, I’m going to walk through the steps to schedule the post to your site.  In this pack you’ll get 5 blog posts per month, so you can add a plugin like the WordPress Editorial Calendar, then start uploading and scheduling the posts.

You have two options to purchase the PLR Package – monthly or yearly.  If you’ve purchased the monthly option then you’ll get the themes as they’re released to you (which are below).

  • Month 1: Scheduling and Planning
  • Month 2: Living in the Digital Age of Distractions
  • Month 3: Work at Home
  • Month 4: Help Your Teenager Be More Productive
  • Month 5: Home Organization & Decluttering
  • Month 6: Minimalism
  • Month 7: Work and Career Productivity
  • Month 8: Organization of the Mind
  • Month 9:  Project Planning
  • Month 10: Digital Organization
  • Month 11: Staying Focused
  • Month 12: A Productive Life
If you’ve purchased the yearly then you’ll want to decide which theme you’ll want for each month.  By doing this it will make it easier for you to create your workflow and you won’t have to think about it after you’ve finished with each one.

To do this I would see if there are certain holidays, days of the week, or themed months that might work better and help you market your product each month.

For example, January is Get Organized month, so I’d pick one that works the best, but also note that there is another day for organizing your home office – so I’d probably make Month 5 the theme for January if I purchased the yearly.

PLR Package

Or I would make month 1 exactly that – month 1 so that people would know how to do the basics first.

Before I Scheduled the PLR Blog Posts I Would:

  • Set an objective/goal for the blog post (since you’re getting an entire year with this product I think your main objective is to sell the products you’ll create with it. 😊 )
  • Find a main keyword, as well as at least one more secondary keyword (I use Jaaxy)
  • Change the title (use the keyword, plus I run the keyword through FreshTitle)
  • Change the post URL tag (I’d only use the main keyword, so it would like organize-home)
  • Add a new intro sentence or two (or at least change up what paragraph they’ve included and add the main keyword)
  • Add subtitle (H2, H3, H4, etc) through the blog posts
  • Read the content and add your stories, knowledge, tips, etc (I normally do this
  • Make sure the paragraphs are short (I normally find a stopping point and make a new paragraph)
  • Add images (I love to use screenshots, as well as IvoryMix for mine)
  • Add internal links to previous blog posts (this will be easier once you start posting)
  • Mention your product and the benefit in this article
  • Link to your product specifically
  • Link to your shop
  • Add product mockups if appropriate
  • Use your keyword and secondary keywords throughout (where it reads smoothly and makes sense)
  • Add any affiliate links from products you share within your blog post
  • Add a conclusion
  • Add a signature line (I always say, Have a great and productive day!)
  • Add your name
  • *Instead of the last two you could also add an author bio box at the bottom of your blog posts

Normally I work in the WordPress blog post, but you can also work in Word or Google docs and then copy and paste the content when you’re done going through all the steps.

If you’d like more On-Page SEO guidance check out Debbie Gartner’s Easy On-Page SEO eBook.

For images, I always save them with the keywords that I’m using.  I also make sure that I use images that reflect my brand.  For example, if you cater to women, ensure the images have only women.  I also try to find images that support my branding colors.  This doesn’t always happen, but I do look for them.

Spend Time On Your PLR

I know that a lot of people think that once you have PLR you shouldn’t do anything else to it.  That you should copy, paste, and add to your site.  Sometimes I’ll do this.  If I do, I normally do it when they’re first released or if I’ve checked Copyscape to see how many people have posted this particular content first.

But I spend time on PLR when I use it.  I think that anyone who makes money probably does.  If you leave the title and/or branding (if you buy the business in a box PLR products) – you are only promoting their products.  Anyone can search for those products and find dozens that are exactly the same.

Plus, your audience wants your knowledge, stories, and tips.  This makes all the PLR you make unique and different.  I know several of my mentors use PLR, but I still like reading their posts because of what they bring to the content.

Make Your PLR a Priority

My point is that after purchasing this PLR you’re going to want to put it in your project management software or on your to-do list.  Make it a priority and take the first couple of months to figure out what works best for you.  Then create a system to get it done quickly whether that is from you or one of your team members.

You can grab the Year’s Worth of “Staying Organized and Productive” Content.

-Have a great and productive day!


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