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The best way to grow our online business is to turn readers into subscribers.  If your goal is to grow your list then creating freebies should be a top priority in your business.

You can come up with these freebies and start from scratch for each one of them or you can use done-for-you content to help you create something quickly and easily.

Not sure where to get done-for-you content that will help you with your list-building efforts?  One site that you should take a look at if you’re in the personal development niche is Publish For Prosperity.

You can find different topics on this topic, but what I like about the site is that you get the same components.  This means you’ll be able to set up a system and each time you purchase a product from them you can quickly an easily get your freebie up.

In their List Building PLR set they have the following components for each:

  • Professionally-Designed Printable Planner
  • 2 Professionally-Designed Ecover Sets
  • Lead-Generating Opt-in Page Copy (.doc and copy-and-paste WordPress code)
  • Professionally Written Report
  • 20 Professionally Designed Social Media Graphics

I’ll be using the Strategic Thinking PLR Pack as an example throughout this blog post.

Here is an image of an example of what you’d get:


Having a system is so important.

Step 1: Rename PLR & Focus On Your Niche

First, you want to rename the short report and planner.

For example, if you focus on women you could name it:

Big Picture Thinking For Women Entrepreneurs


How To Focus on the Big Picture In Your Business (then in smaller print For Women)

The planner could be:

Big Picture Planning For Women

You want to rename and focus the short report on your audience so that it caters to them and the people you want to connect with will resonate with your short report.

Step 2: Go Through the Content & Change it To Match Your Focus

Now you’re going to go through all the content and change things to match your focus.

To do this I would:

  • Change the eCovers for both the report and planner
  • Go through the report and change wording, add images, change colors to match the focus and your branding. When you’re going through the report make sure to add your opinions, stories, and knowledge throughout.  If you’d like to know how to create an opt-in check out this blog post.
  • If needed change the colors in the planner to match your branding. I would also go through the content and see I there are any quotes and change them to quotes from women only.
  • Once you have the new eCovers, take the opt-in copy and start working on the wording to focus on your niche and change the images. These are a good starting point, but you’re going to want to make sure that they focus on the benefits of why someone would want to opt-in.
  • I would also go through the social media posts and change any of the male images to women (or whatever your niche is). I personally love to use IvoryMix because the images are focused on this niche.

If you do all of these tasks together and batch them – then your next step would be to set up the freebie and tripwire so that you can start sharing your new freebie.

Step 3: Set Up Opt-In & Tripwire

After you’ve made all the adjustments you need to on your products now is the time to set everything up.

You’ll want to set up the opt-in.


To do this you can use WordPress or your email provider.  I use both depending on what I’m doing.  My favorite email software is ConvertKit and they have some great opt-in landing pages for you to use.

I would like to share a tip for creating the opt-in wording on the landing page…

I take the content from the report that I’m using and put it through an AI software platform.  I know that a lot of people use Jasper, but I have one that was bought from AppSumo.

I feel like writing sales copy for landing pages and sales pages isn’t my strongest skill and so it helps me tremendously when I’m working on my attention-grabbing heading, subheadings, descriptions, and even the sales copy throughout.

I also like to use FreshTitle to help me come up with some of the Call To Actions.  A lot of the titles it generates will not work for Call To Actions, but it gives me enough that makes it worth running my keywords/topic through to see what it comes up with.

Then you’ll want to set up the tripwire.  I would use the planner as the tripwire.


To do this set up the product in your shopping cart, create a sales page, then put everything together to be delivered once purchased.

Step 4: Start Sharing

The last step is to share your new freebie with everyone.

Take the social media graphics that are included, create a call to action that goes to your freebie, and then schedule them to last the entire month.  If you have social media software that allows you to set up more than one schedule, I would also set it up for 3, 6, or 9 months in the future so that you’re not doing the work twice, but can benefit from it more than once.

Learn how to Automate Social Posting to Grow Your Business.

As you can see setting up a system to do all the steps makes it easy to work through everything quickly and if once you have it mastered, start recording tutorial videos for you to outsource the task.

Check out the Publish For Prosperity done-for-you products that you’ll be able to set up in this way.

Those are only a few of the PLR packs you can get at Publish For Prosperity.  Go check out their site to find the right personal development PLR for you.


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