Purchasing PLR For Your Business


How I Decide What PLR To Invest In

Over the years I’ve heard a lot of people say to only purchase PLR when you know what you’re going to do with it and I agree with this if you’re purchasing everything.  I see things a little differently.

I like to keep my content stash stocked, so if there is a topic that is in my niche and I get excited about – I will purchase it at the lower rate.

Yes, this means I have TONS of content and that I will never use some of it.  It also means that when I start a new project chances are that I already have the content that I need at my fingertips (or in my folders).  So I don’t have to go looking for what I need.

My son says that I have no memory, but PLR is different.  I can normally remember what topics I have and who I purchased it from.  Even if it is a vague memory.  🙂

I also know who writes and sells the PLR topics that work with my business, so I head for those folders first.

If you have no PLR memory I would create a spreadsheet of what you have and link to each folder you keep it in.  Google Drive works amazing for this type of task.  I would create a tab for each topic and then section it off by PLR bundle with the site name.

Here is an example:

In this spreadsheet I would probably also include what components it includes or what type of product.  One of these is a challenge and the other is a course.

I’ve used both of these for a few different projects so both were a great investment for me.

I am definitely not telling you to purchase every single PLR pack that is on sale.  Before I narrowed down my niche and understood who my audience was – I did this.  It can get expensive.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’ll purchase something I’ll never use because I get shiny object syndrome as well, but now if it doesn’t fit my blog categories, my goals, my vision, or projects I’ve thought of doing in the future – I pass.

I’m suggesting that you set a budget and start purchasing the ones that you might use in the future.  PLR is an investment and an asset.


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