When You Need To Rewrite PLR


Today I wanted to talk a little about PLR – why you should rewrite it, duplicate content, and when NOT to rewrite.

There are tons of different ways to use DFY products, but when you first think of PLR – what do you think?

Most people think they have to “rewrite” it completely. In this series, you’re going to learn that rewriting is a good idea….But it’s not necessary to do it all the time or completely.

And remember, whether you rewrite PLR or not if you want to see results you do need to spend some time tweaking it to for your business.

Duplicate Content Penalty

No, let’s talk about that dreaded duplicated content penalty.  Many people are concerned about this.  Google is going to punish you and sandbox your site, right?

Nope, this is a myth!

Many people have heard of the “duplicate content penalty”.  But what is it and more importantly how will it affect you if you use pre-written content?

The idea is that Google with penalize your site for containing duplicate content.  Most people think that the meaning of duplicate content means that the content is on more than one wite.

The good news is that this is a myth!

There are actually sites that model curating content or using content from other people’s sites.  So this model works.

Duplicate content actually refers to having the same exact content on your site multiple times.  The thing is that there is no site-wide penalty for a blog that contains content that is also on another site. Google themselves explain this in their Webmaster Guidelines.

What does happen, however, is that you may not show up in search results for a specific keyword if there are other sites that are considered by Google to be more valuable.  Google chooses 1or 2 of the “best” sites that have the same content for that keyword and does not include the others.

But know that you cannot publish a site with 100% PLR content used as-is and expect to rank with no effort.

So how do you work around this, to make sure you rank for all of your keywords?

Simply either mix PLR with some of your own content or learn to tweak and rewrite PLR in ways that make it unique to you!

When Do I NOT Need to Rewrite PLR?

If you don’t mind not ranking for all keywords, then rewriting your PLR is not as important.

Remember, ranking in Google is not the be-all and end-all that it used to be.

Many people now grow their following more on social media, via ads, and through their email list, so they don’t mind if some of their articles don’t rank as high.  Plus sites can still get traffic by driving it to your blog such as with Pinterest or Slideshare.

You also don’t have to worry if you’re using the content in eBooks or in emails.

You MUST Put in Some Effort

I’d still recommended at least rewriting a little of your PLR.


Because you want to give it personality!

This is why people will follow your blog and buy your products!

Most PLR doesn’t include personal information or stories because they’re selling to a wide variety of people.  So it’s up to the end user to use their personality and put it into the PLR content they buy.

Remember – if you want the best results, and to make money from your PLR, you need to see it as a foundation, and you need to put some effort into customizing it.

I hope this helps. 

Have a great and productive day!

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