How To Make Your Social Posting Look Amazing In 6 Days


Struggling to engage your audience on social media? The problem could be that your posts just aren’t cutting it.

There are millions of posts made on social media daily. If you don’t ensure that yours stand out, they are going to get lost in a sea of posts (change this).

So, how do you make your social posting look amazing? Follow this 6-day guide…

Day 1. Check your branding

To kickstart, let’s focus on your branding. If you want your posts to look amazing, they should have clear, attractive visuals. This includes your unique brand colors and logo.

Adding your own branding to your posts helps to get them noticed. It also sets them apart from your competitors.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the overall visuals of your post. You could create a mood board to see what colors work well together and best reflect your messaging. Do some audience research too to see what visual content would best suit their interests.

RESOURCE: How To Create a Branding Kit In Canva

Day 2. Utilize free tools and resources

While you will get the best results from hiring a graphic designer or photographer, there are some great free resources you can use.

From free social media templates to software such as Canva that lets you create stunning visuals, there are lots of ways to make your posts look amazing.

Spend time comparing the different free tools and resources to see which best fits your needs.

Day 3. Choose the right size images

Sometimes, small mistakes can have a significant impact on your posts. For example, did you know that using the wrong size images could be hurting your campaign?

Each social media platform has its own size limits you need to pay attention to. If you ignore them, your image may not be displayed correctly.

Not sure what size to use? There are plenty of in-depth guides online that show you the different size limits for each platform.

Day 4. Add animations

Animations are one of the best ways to stand out on social media. Videos and GIFs are more attractive to your audience than plain written text.

You can create your own by following useful online guides, or you can use popular GIFs to get started. Animations can have a surprising impact on social post engagement.

Day 5. Take tips from your competitors

If you want to know what works, check out your competitors. What type of visuals do they use and how much engagement do they receive?

You can get a lot of inspiration from what others are doing. Paying attention to your competitors also lets you see what doesn’t work. By learning from their mistakes, you can create posts your audience wants to see.

Day 6. Purchase done for you posts

To make your posts look amazing, you will need to spend a lot of time and effort creating them. However, did you know you can save a ton of time by purchasing done for you posts?

Social media templates take care of the design for you, leaving you free to add your own text. There are a lot of different packs you can purchase, guaranteeing something to suit your local business.

Bonus Tips

Want to get even more results from your social media posts? While the visuals are absolutely important, a few other tips to keep in mind include:

  •         Make sure you use hashtags correctly
  •         Don’t use the same images across all platforms
  •         Promote your new posts
  •         Automate your posting to save time

Hashtags are important for helping people find your posts. On platforms such as Instagram, users tend to put a string of hashtags in the comment section of the post. On Facebook and Twitter, however, fewer hashtags are used, and they are included in the caption.

Using unique images for each platform and promoting them correctly will also boost results. You can also automate your posts to save time.

If you follow the six steps above, your posts will look incredible. It can take time to get used to social media for business and the things you should and shouldn’t be posting. However, with commitment and a little effort, you will soon be posting share-worthy posts with your audience.

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