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What Are Lead Magnets

What Are Lead Magnets?

When you start an online business you’ll start hearing about lead magnets and freebies.  In this blog post, I want to go over what a lead magnet is. Definition of What are Lead Magnets The definition of a lead magnet is… It is something that you give to your audience for free in exchange for […]

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Build a lead magnet

5 Steps To Build a Great Lead Magnet

How To Plan A Lead Magnet Your Customers Absolutely MUST Sign Up For! One of the main points of a lead magnet is to provide something of value to your ideal audience with the opportunity for you to build trust with them.  This then helps you when you decide to move from a freebie to […]

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3 Ways To Make Your Opt-In Beautiful

How To Create a Lead Magnet With Visual Appeal To Get More Downloads Even though most lead magnets are free you should still spend just as much effort on making it visually appealing as you would any paid product. It should be pleasing to look at, easy to read or listen to, and definitely very […]

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5 Useful Steps To Create A Lead Magnet

This morning I decided to create a lead magnet or freebie for people who land on my site.  Since I sell Canva Templates I took inventory of the assets that I already own and haven’t used.  A couple of years ago my designer went through a phase where she was creating multiple Lead Magnet templates […]

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How To Make Your Social Posting Look Amazing In 6 Days

Struggling to engage your audience on social media? The problem could be that your posts just aren’t cutting it. There are millions of posts made on social media daily. If you don’t ensure that yours stand out, they are going to get lost in a sea of posts (change this). So, how do you make […]

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5 Ways to Automate Social Posting to Grow Your Business

If you want to grow your business, building up a strong presence on social media can help. Putting you in front of millions of potential customers, social media gives you a unique opportunity to reach local and national audiences. The trouble is, if you want to see results from your social media platforms, you’re going […]

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