5 Useful Steps To Create A Lead Magnet


This morning I decided to create a lead magnet or freebie for people who land on my site.  Since I sell Canva Templates I took inventory of the assets that I already own and haven’t used.  A couple of years ago my designer went through a phase where she was creating multiple Lead Magnet templates and I knew that I didn’t use them all – so I started there.

I finally found one that I liked and thought it would be easy for people to use as their own.


I happened to have a template that is already done, but I’m sure you have something you could easily finish up and get up as well.

Step 1: Decide on A Freebie

To create this lead magnet I wanted something that I could get up quickly.  That means I didn’t want to start from scratch.  That meant I had to analyze what I already had.

When you do this you want to….

Think about:

  • Things you haven’t finished
  • Products that are older and just need a little updating
  • A bonus or part of another product that could be taken out and given as a freebie
  • PLR that you have on your hard drive


  1. Decide on a freebie that you’ll offer. Try to make this something that won’t take long to finish or create.

Step 2: Create a List of What Needs To Be Done To Finish

After you’ve decided on what to use as a freebie, you’ll want to make a plan on what needs to be done in order for it to be created into a freebie.

Since this is something that you should already be working on or is essentially done, but only needs a little bit of work to create a lead magnet out of.

For example, the Canva template that I’m going to use needs:

  1. Wording inside to be changed from Latin to English.
  2. Both letter size and A4 to look the same

At this time, that is all I can think of.  This is one of the big reasons that I decided to go with this Canva Template – because I knew it wouldn’t take me long to get it up and available.


  1. Write down all the tasks you need to do in order to get your freebie done
  2. Schedule time to do it.

You’ll want to write everything down, so you’ll know what to do next.  If the list is too long and you have another product that requires less work – move on to that one.

Step 3: Brainstorm Upsells, Downsells, One-Time Offers, Etc.

I also start to brainstorm products that complement the Canva Template I will use as a freebie.  Why?  I want to offer a one-time offer, an upsell, or put this in part of a funnel so that I can make money off from my freebie.

At Your Essential Toolbox, we offer a Monthly Canva Template Toolkit and I will give people who download this freebie an opportunity to join or at least become aware of the club, but I also want to share products that they can purchase as an individual product.

Now it is your turn…


  1. Brainstorm products you have that are done or that you offer that you can use as an upsell or part of the funnel.

If you only have a few products then you can slowly add upsells, one-time offers, and parts of the funnel.  Don’t let this part stop you from getting a freebie out into the world.  😊

Take a Look at My Funnel Example

Thankfully my freebie also came with more Canva Templates and I plan to use those as an offer on the order form.

This offer will be reduced in price and will include marketing material Canva templates:

  • Sidebar
  • Social Media
  • In Blog Post
  • Pinterest PIN
  • Instagram Story

There are 20 Canva Templates total and I will include it for $5 or $7.

Here is what the Instagram Story Templates Look Like:


As you can see I still have some work that I need to do on these as well.  I have to change Latin to English.

As an upsell on the Thank You Page, I plan to offer one of my full Canva Template Toolkit products.  I normally sell them for $47 with PLR rights or $67 with PLR Resell License, but I will offer it at a lower price such as $29 and $49.

This is what that looks like:

When someone purchases the upsell I will give them an opportunity to join the Monthly Canva Template Toolkit Club.

Step 4: Know Your Freebie Goals

Whenever you create anything you should always have at least one goal.  This will help you create a lead magnet that is going to be effective and not just something people can download and move on to the next thing.

I have two goals for my freebie.  They are:

  1. Get more people familiar with my products by giving the Canva Template away for free. This in turn will add more people to my list.
  2. Share my Canva membership, as well as other products that I have.

Inside the Canva Template, one of the page layouts is a resource page.  I plan to take advantage of this share of two to four of my Canva Template Toolkits.  Plus on the Call To Action Page, I will add my Membership.


When I do this it helps people who download the Canva Template to see how to use it in their own business and it will also give me the opportunity to share more of my products.


  1. Decide on your goals for the lead magnet you’re creating.

Make sure that you write them down so that you know what outcome you want and that you don’t forget to incorporate your goals/objective inside the freebie.

Step 5: Tasks To Get the Freebie Completed

Even though my freebie and the offers I plan to make are all created – I still have tasks to do in order to get my freebie up.  Those include (I tried to make these in order as much as I could, but a lot of these are going to be going on at the same time or overlapping):

  1. Graphics for the opt-in page
  2. Create a landing page
  3. Set up the order form in ConvertKit (I might use my shopping cart instead of an order form or I might set up both so that I can see which one works best.
  4. Add a thank you email/download email
  5. Set up the freebie in my shopping cart
  6. Set up the Marketing Material template offer in my shopping cart
  7. Create a download page for the freebie
  8. Create a download page for the Marketing Material
  9. Create a thank you / upsell sales page for tripwire (Canva Template Toolkit)
  10. Make sure the product is attached to the tripwire so that people will get their product
  11. Add a thank you email for tripwire (this might already be done)
  12. Decide if I plan to offer a special for the Membership – if so, I’ll need to set it up as well
  13. Create mockup graphics for the freebie
  14. Share with my audience
  15. Share on social media platforms
  16. Create blog posts and share within those

As far as I can remember this is all that I need to do to get the freebie set up and ready to share.  I did add a few ways I plan to share at the end of my tasks.


  1. Create a to-do list of all of your steps to create, set up, and share your freebie.

If you don’t create a list you’re more likely to forget a step.

Freebies are great for a variety of reasons such as getting more traffic due to marketing the lead magnet, building your list due to people downloading the lead magnet, and building trust because you solved one of their problems.  So create a lead magnet today.

Have a great and productive day!


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